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Collaborative Construction

At HTE we understand that our process has a large impact on what you do and vise versa.  For this reason open communication is essential to every project.  We work closely with you reduce design complications, project delays, and costly surprises.

Collaborating with HTE provides the following benefits


We are often asked how builders work with HTE

Unlike other industry professionals such as architects and interior designers, the time and process of working with a custom integrator isn't as intuitive.


At what point in the process should HTE be brought in?

The earlier the better. Once we are hired you are assigned a dedicated project manager who reviews the plans to ensure there are no design or structural issues that will hinder or prevent us from providing the automation and electronic decor the client wants in the home. If there is, we work together with you and the architect to find a solution. 

Being brought in early also allows us to properly communicate any construction requirements equipment may have.  By establishing a mutual understanding of what each part of the project requires we can decrease expensive miscommunication and schedule efficiently. 


Who brings in HTE?

We work with builders in many different ways 

  • Client Bring Us In
  • Other Professional on the Project Brings Us In (Architect, Designer)
  • Builder Brings Us In 
    • We operate as part of your firm
    • Since you are the client, we bill you and you bill the homeowner (unless otherwise arranged)



How do our installers and project managers work with your team?

  • We provide documentation of what we need from other professionals and where it is needed
    • Electricians install all electrical runs
    • Electricians install all high voltage lighting fixtures 
    • Electrician or HVAC install radiant floor heating
    • HVAC install heating, cooling, and humidification systems
    • Plumbers and Electricians install any electrically powered water or fire feature
  • When we receive the lighting schedule, we will check the compatibility and functionality  of the fixtures with the system
  • We actively troubleshoot any issues or changes that arise during the process
  • We coordinate our installs and programming with the rest of the project professionals


At HTE we've found that contractors who understand the custom integration process make the best partners. Knowing the benefits of home technology and how to properly plan for it eliminates guesswork, confusion, and inconvenient change orders, resulting in a more satisfied customer. 

For that reason, we offer courses where industry professionals can get a better understanding of integration while earning Continued Education Units (CEUs).  

At our quarterly networking events, architects, interior designers, and builders can earn credits while while exchanging business cards.



In addition to our own showroom in Southampton, we have access to premier manufacturer's experience centers in Manhattan. We use these showroom to familiarize builders with home technology.  The better you understand the capability and how to use automation and electronic decor, the better resource you are for your clients. 

The multiple experience centers can also be used to help clients get familiar with different brands of automation, lighting, theater seating and AV equipment.